Author Guidelines

The author must send the manuscript online by first registering as an author to the website For every submitted article, the author is obliged to follow the terms and conditions in accordance with Style Guide of Jurnal Madani(can be downloaded on the Style Guide page).


Author Guidelines

MADANI JOURNAL Author Guidelines 

Double-Blind Peer Review Guidelines
This journal ensures double-blind review for every submitted manuscript. It means that in the review process, this journal conceals both the identity of reviewer and author and vice versa.
To facilitate this, authors need to ensure that their manuscripts are prepared in a way that does not give away their identity in the submitted manuscript. To help with this preparation please ensure the following when submitting to MADANI JOURNAL:
• Submit the manuscript without the Author biodata (Name, Afiliation, E-mail.). The name of the file must not contain the Author identity.
• Fill the Author biodata in this Author Biodata and Please submit it via supplementary files at online submission or send your E-mail it to:
Information to help prepare the Title Page
This should include the title, authors' names and affiliations, and a complete address for the corresponding author including telephone and e-mail address. The title of the paper should be written in Times New Roman 12pt, Bold, Justify, capitalize each word, and align left).

Information to help prepare the Blinded Manuscript
Besides the obvious need to remove names and affiliations under the title within the manuscript, there are other steps that need to be taken to ensure the manuscript is correctly prepared for double-blind peer review. To assist with this process the key items that need to be observed are as follows:
• Use the third person to refer to work the Authors have previously undertaken, e.g. replace any phrases like “as we have shown before” with “… has been shown before [Anonymous, 2007]” .
• Make sure figures do not contain any affiliation related identifier
• Do not eliminate essential self-references or other references but limit self-references only to papers that are relevant for those reviewing the submitted paper.
• Cite papers published by the Author in the text as follows: ‘[Anonymous, 2007]’.
• For blinding in the reference list: ‘[Anonymous 2007] Details omitted for double-blind reviewing.’
• Remove references to funding sources
• Do not include acknowledgments
• Remove any identifying information, including author names, from file names and ensure document properties are also anonymzed.
The paper will be published in MADANI journal after peer-reviewed process and decided “Accepted” by Editor. The final paper layout will be reproduced by Editorial Office of MADANI journal. The final paper layout in PDF type, known as “Uncorrected Proof” should be corrected by Author. The final corrected proof will be published first in “Article In Press” pre-issue.
According to Engelmore and Morgan [1], manuscript content should, in general, be organized in the following order: Title; Authors Name; Authors Affiliation; Abstract; Keywords; Introduction; Method; Results and Discussion; Conclusions; and References. Manuscript document submitted to this journal (in one MS Word or PDF file) should be arranged as follow:
a) Body text of manuscript article (from Title to References, without tables and figures)
b) Figure Captions and Table Captions
c) Figures (one figure per page)
d) Tables (one table per page)

Section Headings
Three levels of heading are allowed as follows:
• Level 1/Sub-title (Heading1 format) - 12pt, Times bold, justified
• Level 2/ Sub-heading (Heading2 format) - 11pt, Times bold, justified
• Level 3/ Sub-heading (Heading3 format) - 11pt, Times bold, justified
Body Text
The body of the text is a set of body text paragraphs defined as follows:
• 11pt Times New Roman
• One-half space, defined as 11pt
• Spacing before the heading2 and 3 (Sub-heading) is 2 space
• Spacing before the new heading (Sub-title) is 3 space
• Indentation for the first line is 0.75 cm.
Bullet and numbering within body text are not allowed. All sentences should be typed as descriptive paragraph format.

Before table writers should write such as "Table 1 showing (Title tables) is presented in following section".Tables are sequentially numbered with the table title and number above the table. Tables should be centered in the column OR on the page. Tables should be followed by a line space (12pt). Elements of a table should be single-spaced, however double spacing can be used to show groupings of data or to separate parts within the table. Table headings should be in 10pt bold. Tables are referred in th